About Nicole Thompson

Nicole Thompson is a freelance graphic and web designer, sole trader of Nyx Design, based in Western Sydney, Australia. Nicole started out in the design industry as a prepress apprentice at a print firm in 2002 and has since held a variety of roles in printing, design, web, marketing and communications prior to founding Nyx Design in January 2012. Nyx Design's services include web design, graphic design and printing.

My Work in Lights: The Mother of All Nights 2017

It was my privilege to once again create the logo and branding for YWCA NSW's major annual fundraiser, in 2017 called 'The Mother of All Nights'. The brand was rolled out across a variety of print and digital collateral over several months but the real payoff was seeing my work projected on the walls of [...]

Facelift: Website Update

It was time for a facelift here at Nyx Design, not a whole rebrand, just a bit of an update to the look and feel of the website. I really let my freak flag fly and have plastered the place with my quirky taste, hope you don't mind. It's a small insight into what my [...]

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5th Anniversary: Celebrating Self-Employment & Small Business

January 20th, 2017 marks 5 years in business for Nyx Design. Or, to put it more accurately, for little old me, Nicole Thompson. Let's be clear, it's only me here after all. I have a habit of downplaying things as "no big deal", I don't like attention and I don't rate myself all that highly. But [...]

Wall of Shame – AHM: The Importance of House Rules and a Good Designer

AHM need a new designer! Or at the very least a formal Style Guide for their designer to follow. Everything about this is just not OK. A perfect example of a great brand poorly managed. If the black backing was absolutely necessary, then the margins/gutter needed to be set 1) equally/consistently and 2) in proportion [...]

Artwork on Show: The Mother Of All Balls 2016

It was my absolute privilege and pleasure this year to design the branding and artwork for YWCA NSW's major annual fundraiser, The Mother Of All Balls 'La Belle Époque - A Night in Paris'. The 2016 Mother of All Balls celebrated the ‘Beautiful Era’ in Paris, when ideas and the arts flourished. Guests were transported into an [...]

Domestic Violence: A little less conversation, a little more action

I'm hearing a lot of people talking about the lack of awareness and funding for the frighteningly high domestic violence rates in Australia. At the height of the media coverage surrounding the execution of the Bali Nine ringleaders, I saw a post circulating on Facebook where a wise woman used the opportunity to point out that on [...]

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Refresh: New Look

By far the most hazardous of all occupational hazards when you're a designer is remaining content with anything you design for yourself. This favourite graphic I've recreated pretty well sums it up. So although it's only been 2 years since I rolled out my last branding, I have long been sick of the sight of it [...]

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Web Design: Price vs Cost

The value of a business website and why investing in a custom website is worth every cent: A business owner is always on the lookout to increase profits and create a strong professional image. In this day and age, for most businesses a website is an essential part of achieving those goals. You probably know [...]

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Domain & Hosting, Come Again?

A Layman’s Guide To Website Setup Fees Given I’m the expert in this field, I offer my customers domain and hosting registration services when quoting to build a website. What is a “domain”? You know that line of letters at the top of your internet browser when you visit a website? Usually something along the [...]

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