Domain & Hosting, Come Again?

Domain & Hosting, Come Again?

A Layman’s Guide To Website Setup Fees

Given I’m the expert in this field, I offer my customers domain and hosting registration services when quoting to build a website.

What is a “domain”?

You know that line of letters at the top of your internet browser when you visit a website? Usually something along the lines of “”? This is often referred to as a “URL” (Uniform Resource Locator) and is the online “address” of a website.

When looking to publish a website, one of the first things you will need is to register a URL of your own, this is what is meant by a “domain”, your URL is the name of your own little internet domain.

The cost of registering a domain name is minimal, at present it is as little as $11.25 per year with the company I like to use (with a minimum registration of 2 years).

What is “hosting”?

Just like building a house, when you want to build a website you need to purchase real estate to build it on, this is where hosting comes in. A web host is a much like a local council, you pay the local government “land rates” when you own real estate within that council, just as you will pay a web hosting service to house all the files that make up your website on the piece of online real estate you purchase from them.

These fees can be paid monthly or yearly, but a lot of hosting providers require you to pay a year upfront. The cost of the monthly fee will usually be less if you register for more than 1 year upfront.

The cost of hosting packages vary a great deal depending on what features you require. There are an array of technical things that different customers will require: a little or a lot of space depending on how small or large the website will be, the amount of email addresses you would like to set up, special databases for particular types of custom websites (i.e. an online store would require a certain eCommerce database), etc.

For example, many of the business websites that I have purchased hosting for require a minimal package with a modest amount of webspace and very few email addresses. I have registered most of those customers with a $7.95 per month package that goes down to $6.95 or $5.95 if 2 years or 3 years

[respectively] are purchased.

As such, for most average customers you’re looking at about $90-$110 upfront for a year of hosting (plus a one-time $10.00 new customer administration fee).

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